The Green World for Children has the purpose of offering to any person, individuals or corporate entities, the possibility of donating to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, associated with the preservation of the environment and the formation of a new environmental conscience through the project of tree adoption. The amounts collected from the donations will be destined to the Shriners hospitals.
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Further of helping in the restoration of children’s health, this project also aims to preserve the health of the planet and the preservation of forests. This preservation consists on a joint work with the traditional communities (river bank dwellers, settlers and black slave descendants, among others), the donors and the Shriners. The communities will receive a part of the resources to preserve the forest and to use such resources for the improvement of their quality of life, receiving payment for environmental services, avoidance of deforestation and recuperation of degraded areas.



By making a donation to the hospital, you will be also adopting a tree, helping in the preservation of the environment. For such purpose you will have the option of choosing one of the donation plans listed below.





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The proposed system will bring security and transparency to the donors, warranting that the donated resources will be directed to the proposed cause, and that the results of the project will be effective.  For such end, the implemented methodology of work will consist of:


Visit to the eligible areas
There will be a study of the areas offering juridical and technical security, so that the forest inventory may be carried out. The stages are: 


- Technical visits destined to enter into a previous agreement with the land proprietor or with the local community;
- An evaluation regarding the legality and legitimacy of the area;
- A study of economic viability utilizing high resolution satellite images of the area and a subsequent environmental diagnosis;
- Legal counsel to issue a contract for the payment of environmental services.

The forest inventory is the basis to plan the utilization of forest resources; with such an inventory, it will be possible to characterize a determined area and obtain a quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the species composing it. The stages composing this phase are incursions to the forest’s interior to locate the trees and identify them with an electronic/RFID chip, collecting data about the trees, taking photos, obtaining field return for data processing and recording into the system. All the information will be implanted in electronic chips with Radio-Frequency Identification technology – NFC, bringing transparency to the process and creating a geographic identity for each tree, allowing for the registration and monitoring of the same.


Monitoring Geo-technology
After having been inventoried, the data will be processed and recorded in the geo-processed base. Satellite images for the monitoring by remote sensory will be utilized to warrant the integrity of the inventoried trees.


Online Donations

The individual or juridical persons can donate to the Shriners Children Hospital via Internet, choosing one of the donation plans and the types of adoption. By making the donation, the trees will be put in availability by type and plan, with the following system functionalities:
- Choice among Diamond, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald donations;
- Choice between the types of trees: Noble or Noble Special;
- Presentation of the location and tree by online search filters and interactive map;
- Each tree will have a geographic identity composed by an unique electronic number, its coordinates and its registration with a notary office;
- The adoption will be made at a site with proven security for online payment by credit card;
- Issuance of a certificate of donation, stating the amount donated and the geographic identity of the trees previously registered with a notary office;
- Access to the adopted trees through cell phone and tablet with Android operational system.


An interactive environment was developed, so that the persons interested in making donations may learn more about the project; the characteristics of this environment are:
- Information about the Institute;
- Detailed information about the GWC project;
- Success cases, with videos and photos;
- List of donors;
- Situation of the hospital constructions;
- Bilingual contract;
- Other information.

Further to this environment, an application (APP) for the Android system will be developed, which also will contain the above information.

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