The Institute was created to contribute to the Shriners Hospitals of the entire world. Its main objective consists in facilitating the construction, maintenance and operation of hospitals. It is an entity counting with projects destined to collect resources for the Shriners hospitals.

Presently, the Institute utilizes the Green World for Children project as a mechanism to offer to any person – individuals or corporate entities – the possibility of donating to the Shriners hospitals and helping in the preservation and recuperation of the environment, further of contributing to the local populations through mechanisms of tree adoption.

The objective at this first moment is the construction of a Shriners Hospital for Children in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, which will be the first in South America. Next, the hospital's project.


The Shriners Hospital for Children of Cuiabá has a privileged geographic location to attend all of South America, since the Geodesic Center of South America is localized in Cuiabá – Mato Grosso.

Benefits of the Institute
The benefits envisaged by the Institute are:   
-    To strengthen the Shriners Hospital for Children;
-    To help the children, attending to the main objective of Shriners, which is the fraternity;
-    To contribute to the preservation and recuperation of the environment;
-    To contribute to the local populations (forest dwellers, natives and others) through the PSA (Payment for Environmental Services) system;
-    GWC will also benefit all the Shriners Clubs, Masonic lodges and entities engaged and participating of the project.


Institute GWC - Green World for children
Instituto GWC